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Our beginning were humble, but growth has been phenomenal. And its position in washroom hygiene service business where it is present is unshakeable. These days, people have come to expect the same level of cleanliness in public washrooms as they do in their own washrooms at home. Perhaps even more so! But for any busy organization, no matter how large or small, operating pressures can often push washroom hygiene management way down the list of priorities. That's where Orchid International come in, washroom hygiene products and services is our business and it's our number one focus. We work hard to ensure that washroom standards are the highest they can possibly be. We deal with hygiene concepts exclusively to business to business market, and are strongly represented in Hotels & Hospitality industries, Offices, Schools, Institutions, Shopping Centers, Health Care Institutions, Recreations and other sectors. Our coverage of service is nationally and internationally for any type of business operations. We continue to develop new methods of services and products to meet today's hygiene demands.







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Keeping it all spick and span can be tough. Our range of cleaning chemicals can help ease the job for you. From effortless hand washing to strenuous floor stripping, we are here for you.

Hygiene Fresh UAE
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Spread blissful fragrances in your spaces with the revolutionary HF LED economy dispenser. With freshening bursts of ambrosial aroma, this dispenser helps you diffuse tranquillity in your indoors.

Enabled to work with the settings of 24 hours, this dispenser works best for institutions working round the clock.


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